Monday, 8 June 2009

Charles Baudelaire, Philosophic art

Charles Baudelaire, Philosophic art

Translated Jonathan Mayne

"What is pure art according to the modern idea? It is the creation of an evocative magic, containing the object and the subject, the world external to the artist and the artist himself."

"Every good piece of sculpture, painting or music evokes the sentiments and the dreams which it sets out to evoke."

Following his critque on "Philosophic art" Baudelaire states: "It should be noted moreover that in order to justify its existence, Pilosophic Art preusposes an absurdity – I mean the Public intelligence in matters of the fine arts.”

"The birthplace of Painting was the Temple. Its roots are in Religion. The modern Temple and the modern Religion are the Revolution. In other words, the modern Pantheon will contain the History of Humanity."

"Pan must kill God. Pan is the people."

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